[Video] Forestry Brigade - Choices guided by the well-being and health of users

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[Video] Forestry Brigade - Choices guided by the well-being and health of users

This beautiful building was built for the Soignes forest brigade, south-east of Brussels. The premises are divided into two parts: a logical part, reserved for tools and vehicles, and a functional part with offices, a refectory and changing rooms. 

The building blends perfectly into its environment: the theme "wood" is found in its structure, cladding and heating system.


Concerns for well-being and health guided the design of the building. It is equipped with large bay windows. The zenithal lighting provides a significant amount of light, far above average for this type of technical room. A CO2 sensor regulation system for optimal indoor air quality is set up in the living rooms. 


Interview with Mathieu Olivier, architect and founder of B612 Associates filmed at Batimat (international fair).

To discover this building, consult the case study on Construction21. It is the Belgian and international Green Solutions Awards 2019 winner of the Health & Comfort category.


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