Using big data to improve buildings

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Using big data to improve buildings

Data is fundamental to understand how much a building consumes, how much it is efficient and whether thermal comfort is adequate. However, how should this data be evaluated? Is it still possible to increase energy efficiency of buildings? A solution would be to make a comparison with similar contexts: for example, how much does a building consume on average under specific climatic conditions? How much energy can it obtain from its installed renewable energy sources?

Experts on renewable energies from Eurac Research – in collaboration with partners from the H2020 ExcEED project – developed a platform which makes this comparison possible. Through real monitoring data, energy performance of a building can be calculated and compared with other buildings in the platform by using specific indicators.


The platform is called enbuibench and, from autumn 2020, can be used for free.

Owners of a single building, of a building stock, or of public institutions can evaluate the performance of their buildings, both concerning energy and thermal comfort, by using 27 parameters. For example, these parameters include heating consumption per surface and degree day, production of photovoltaics energy compared to energy consumption, and the trend of indoor temperature, humidity and CO2 indoor. Once this data is added and the indicator is selected, several details are shown. This allows to identify some improvements to decrease energy consumption and to enhance thermal comfort. Moreover, the platform allows to manage the building by setting up notifications when specific trends result unusual.


You can freely register on enbuibech platform through the following link:



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