Understanding Construction Site Hazards & Staying Safe

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The number of accidents and hazards waiting to happen on a construction site are too high to count. When showing up on site, it's important to ensure the safety of yourself and your crew. In 2016 alone, every one in five deaths in a workplace were accounted to be in the construction industry. With this in mind, take extra care to protect yourself and your team members. As a personal injury lawyer, our firm has seen everything. Below are some of our tips to prevent construction site accidents:

Stay Focused - When you are on site, focus. Avoid distractions that could easily cause an injury to you or another construction worker. Be sure to identify dangerous areas. Don't stand under equipment and pay attention to moving machinery and what other individuals are doing. 

Understand How to Use the Equipment - Proper training of all construction equipment and machinery should be administered before use. Personnel that utilizes any type of dangerous equipment should have a complete knowledge of working machinery and feel confident using them. Improper use of machinery results in fatalities and accidents.  

Wear the Proper Safety Materials - Anytime you step on site, you should be wearing the proper helmet and safety gear. Even if it's just to retrieve something you forgot, you never know if something will fall on you or hit you. Promote workplace safety and encourage your crew to take the extra second to put on required helmets, eyewear, or other safety materials.

When on the job site, keep in mind what OHSA calls the 'Fatal Four':

  • Falls
  • Electrocution-related deaths
  • Struck By Equipment
  • Caught in Between Equipment

Work-place accidents and deaths can be avoided. It's important to understand how they happen and how we can prevent them. Help your crew out and communicate effectively to avoid dangerous and life-threatening circumstances. 


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