Towards Positive Energy Districts - Urban Lunch Talk #5 Webinar

07 06 2019
 Webinar   07/06 - 07/06/2019

Europe aims to be a global role model in energy transition and reducing its carbon footprint. Cities and the building sector play a decisive role in that process. The Programme “Positive Energy Districts and Neighbourhoods for Sustainable Urban Development” aims to support the planning, deployment and replication of 100 Positive Energy Neighbourhoods by 2025 and is joined by 17 EU member states. The Programme will be conducted by JPI Urban Europe, and involves stakeholders from R&I funding networks, cities, industry, research organisations and citizen organisations.


Part for JPI Urban Europe Webinar Series


Discussions on defining a PED framework are very much in focus, since there are several European-wide approaches towards the topic (as can be seen in the Booklet of Positive Energy Districts in Europe). A PED framework needs to cover cities’ actual needs and challenges, deal with conflicting targets, be precise enough to set up clear implementation strategies and at the same time be wide enough to include different local or regional pre-conditions for PEDs across the continent. Last but not least: How does it relate to integrated urban strategies or climate targets?


The Urban Lunch Talk provides an overview of approaches and encourages participants to engage in a discussion on a PED framework.


Margit Noll, Chair of MB JPI Urban Europe/FFG


Hans-Günther Schwarz, Chair of SET Plan Action 3.2/BMVIT


Annemie Wyckmans, Chair of EERA JPSC/NTNU

Petra Schöfmann, Expert Energy Center/Urban Innovation Vienna


Participants from anywhere in the world who will join the conversation through the chat room, polls and Q&A sessions.


Join the webinar on Friday, 7 June at 09.00-10.00 CEST by clicking here.



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Moderated by : Clément Gaillard

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