Towards more energy efficient companies – focus on various industry sectors

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Towards more energy efficient companies – focus on various industry sectors

ICCEE aimed at bridging inefficiencies in the cold supply chain stages, increasing the energy efficiency and the energy culture of food and beverage manufacturing industries, warehouses, cold storage and logistic operators.

The project enhanced the awareness on energy efficiency and sustainable supply chain initiatives at every organisational level, from top management to operational staff. Led by a group of industry, energy and IT experts -it developed a series of interrelated activities, including a tailor-made tool for cold supply chains and training courses.

This event, in 2 parts, will allow participants to discover the ICCEE approach and results, and in a second part, to hear from high-level speakers in 2 panel debates: the first on the factors preventing and facilitating the implementation of energy efficiency measures for companies and supply chains. The second panel discussion will touch upon topics such as the value / supply chains and their potential to act as a leverage for the decarbonisation of companies with a view to 2030 and 2030 targets as well as the recent EU Commission’s proposal for a just and sustainable economy, laying down rules for companies to respect human rights and environment in global value chains.

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Brussels, Belgium
28/06 - 28/06/2022
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