The second course on 5GDHC is already online!

The second course on 5GDHC is already online!

The EU supports the uptake of smart and low-temperature district heating and cooling (DHC) networks to speed up the process of decarbonisation and to achieve a climate-neutral economy by 2050 (European Green Deal). However, designing, planning, and building low-temperature DHC grids is not an easy task.

The 5th generation district heating and cooling (5GDHC) is a new concept based on a decentralized grid allowing direct energy flows among and within buildings, not requiring a central heat plant. To build a 5GDHC grid, it is important to know its specifications and technological components.

Have you already followed the Introduction course on 5th generation district heating and cooling (5GDHC)? Are you eager to learn more about 5GDHC? The D2Grids project and its partners (OU, BRGM, VITO, Greenflex, Mijnwater)  are now presenting the second module, which is focusing on the technological aspect of 5GDHC.

The second module is online!

This course will take you through the main 5GDHC components, including the sources, thermal storages, drilling aspects, heat pumps, pipes and smart controllers that can be used in 5GDHC.

The 5GDHC course offers theoretical video lectures illustrated by real examples from the project's pilot sites. It also provides additional reading materials for those who would like to expand their knowledge and learn more about project developments.

The course is divided in seven parts. You can find out about:

  • The description of the main components used in a 5GDHC grid, for example in pipes, heat pumps or heat and cold storage means.
  • What are the different types sources that can be used for DHC systems, the advantages and disadvantages of each type and the most suitable ones for 5GDHC systems.
  • The different types of thermal storage and the ways they are used in 5GDHC grids, how the heat pumps function and their place in a grid
  • The pipes, their materials, and their function
  • demand side management, how to deal with peak shaving, and the use of smart controllers in 5GDHC
  • Feedbacks and information about the drilling process within 5GDHC grids

Who should take this course?

This course is ideal for people  who are interested in further learning about 5th generation district heating and cooling and want to:

  • Learn about the main technological components used to build 5GDHC network.
  • Explore each technological component in more details.
  • Get an overview of pilot sites examples on 5GDHC technology.
  • Discover information about an innovative, sustainable, and inspiring project.

Some basic knowledge of the district heating concept is required.

How and where to take this course?

The 5GDHC technology course is free of charge! 
Register here!

The access to the course is provided upon registration. Instructions on how to register for the course are available here!

You can follow the course at any time and at your own pace.

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