[PODCATS] 27: The Scooter CEO Panel from the Micromobility California Summit

Published by La rédaction C21

In this episode, a panel discussion from the Micromobility California Summit in January with Derrick Ko (CEO, Spin), Michael Keating (CEO, Scoot), Sanjay Dastoor (CEO, Skip) and Sergio Romo (CEO, Grin) are interviewed by Cory Weinberg from The Information.


It will be discuss:

  • The scooter landscape as it was in January, and what they have learned so far 
  • The challenges they've faced ins scaling, and what they foresee ahead
  • The change of their relationships with cities
  • Their thoughts about capital raising, and the different approaches taken
  • Which competitor company they respect the most in the space
  • How OEM's such as Ford are thinking about the space

Moderated by : Izadora Alcanfôr

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