The Roger Léron Award 2019 is on

FEDARENE is proud to launch the 5th edition of the Roger Léron Award, which aims to celebrate outstanding contributions to the development of sustainable energy at the EU, local and regional level. From the 1st of April to the 31st of May 2019, you can nominate remarkable individuals who have advanced the energy transition on their territory through their creativity, impact, strategic vision and leadership.

Many people are working on the ground to advance the Energy Transition, whether they are a part of a local or regional energy agency, a public authority, a non-profit organisation or a private company. They all show the same creativity, motivation, leadership and strategic vision to scale up energy efficiency and increase the use of renewable energy sources. The Roger Léron Award was established to reward their work and recognise their achievements.

Established in 2014, 2019 already marks the 5th anniversary of the Roger Léron Award. For the occasion, FEDARENE has introduced two novelties. This year, the focus will be on creativity, in order to highlight innovative actions, new ideas, breakthrough approaches, but also creative ways to overcome challenging barriers. For the first time since its launch, the Roger Léron Award will be handed out to two individuals: the usual winner selected by the Jury, and a second winner elected by the audience in the room during the Award Ceremony in Brussels on the 9th of October. Yet, you don’t have to wait the Ceremony to have your say of the 2019 winner. You can influence the process from the start by proposing a candidate via this form. Nominations are accepted until 31 May 2019.

All information about the 2019 Roger Léron Award is available on our dedicated webpage.

Do you know….

Someone who took a breakthrough approach to advance the energy transition?
Someone who has shown creativity to overcome challenging barriers?
Someone who inspired you to work in this field? A mentor?
A local/regional pioneer in environmental and climate protection?
A visionary for his/her territory?
A young energy leader?

Then let their efforts and successes be acknowledged by nominating them to the Roger Léron Award!


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