The power of One-Stop-Shops, an Opengela final conference

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The power of One-Stop-Shops, an Opengela final conference

Home renovation is a journey that many homeowners dread to take. Nevertheless, Europe’s energy crisis urges us to take action immediately. Opengela, like other One-Stop-Shop programmes, has proved to its population that renovation can be for anyone and everyone, thus contributing to the regeneration of the neighbourhoods of Otxarkoaga, Bilbao, and Txonta, in Eibar, inspiring more cities and regions to follow.

Like all good things, Opengela, as a project, has ended. It is time to draw conclusions and reflect on the results and what has been accomplished, and Opengela has a lot to show.

Whether a long-time fan or a neophyte, the Opengela team is eager to share its results with you on November 17th, 2022. See you in Brussels to discuss how to improve OSS and (re)discover other examples of Integrated Homes Renovation Services in Europe.



Renovation Summit at the European Committee of the Regions
17/11 - 17/11/2022
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