The place to BIM: International openbim day, march 26 in Paris

The international openBIM day #openbimday, organized by buildingSMART France-Mediaconstruct, will take place on March 26 at the Cnam (292 rue Saint-Martin, 75003 Paris). Thirty-odd  participants will share their extensive ground experience on the BIM through practical subjects covering the usage and the « tools » of the BIM, of the building in its environment, in France and abroad (full program below): open registration.

« This day – which is intended for the French professionals as well – introduces the International Standards Summit of buildingSMART organized in France for the first time in 10 years! An exceptional « BIM’s day » to better  understand the stake of the BIM norms. A showcase day for France to prove our engagement, our know-how and our expectations concerning the openBIM. The digital transition in construction and, therefore, in the territories – anchored on the openBIM - represents a challenge that we aim to take in order to accompany all the actors on the path of this industry of the future, source of competitiveness and jobs » explains Pierre Mit, president of buildingSMART France-Mediaconstruct.

Eleven partners presently bring their support, aware of the importance of this openBIM summit to be launched on March 26.

  • Platinum sponsors : Autodesk, Caisse des dépôts et Consignation.
  • Event sponsor : le Cnam.
  • Silver sponsors : Groupe ADP, Alpes Topo, Colas, FINALCAD, SNCF Gares & Connexions, Saint-Gobain.
  • Bronze sponsors : BIM&Co, Trimble.


9:00 am Morning reception time and snack

  • Welcome
  • buildingSMART International’s mission in the ecosystem of openBIM.

R. Petrie, buildingSMART International

  • BIM Standards Mapping. S.Soubra, French BIM’s standardization roadmap
  • The need for open digital standards. S. Ziyu, China Communications Construction Company


  • French actions regarding bSI’s perspectives
    • - Classifications systems : Y.Cotherel, bSFrance / S.Wernik, bSI’s
    • - BIM execution plan : JP. Trehen, bSFrance / bSI’s speaker to be confirmed
    • - Training and Certifications : M. Baldwin, bSI / E. Natchitz bSFrance
  • buildingSMART Technical Strategy. G.Schleusner, bSI
  • Interoperability and compliance. J.Ouellette, R.Steinmann, bSI

1:00-2:00 : Lunch at the historical Textile’s room

  • Operational BIM approaches
    • - Bouygues Construction : C.Moreau - Egis : C. Castaing - Saint-Gobain : L. Ortas and S. Patrix, - VINCI : MC. Coin.
  • Status of openBIM in France : B. Delcambre (French digital plan for buildings -PTNB) and
    P. Benning (national program MINnD).


  • The data dictionnary (bSDD) : objectives, evolutions and issues
    • - Overview : F. Grand, bSFrance / S. Pettersen, bSI
    • - Public Finance Institution view of the need for openBIM : H. Costa Elias, Caisse des Dépôts et Consignations
  • Applications of linked data for BIM. A-M. Roxin, U-Bourgogne.
  • BIM for SMART Construction and for SMART Buildings
    • - BIM Infrastructures : K. Ivar Bakkmoen
    • - BIM Rail Stations : T.Bourdel, C.Grimault, SNCF Gares et Connexions
    • - BIM Assets : speaker to be confirmed
  • Conclusion :  open Standards for BIM-GIS interoperability. A. Borrmann, Technical University Munich.

6:00  : cocktail


Registration :

Moderated by : La rédaction C21

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