The national ceremony of 2017 "Green Solutions Awards” in China

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The national ceremony of 2017

On January 26, 2018, China Industry Technology Innovation Strategic Alliance for Healthy Building (CHBA) and "15th Top China Real Estate" held “Healthy Building Topic Activity” jointly in the Great Hall of the People in Beijing. Construction21 China national ceremony was highlighted as an important part and it was the only international activity in the conference.

In the conference, Construction21 China invited:

  • Wang Qingqin, President of C21 (China), Chairman of CHBA, Vice-president of China Academy of Building Research Co., Ltd.
  • Wang Youwei, Chairman of China Green Building Council, national jury of C21 (China).
  • Meng Chong, Director of C21 (China), Director of CSUS Green Building Research Center.
  • The representatives of 2017 “Green Solutions Awards” winners in China were invited:
  • Zheng Baitao, Deputy-director of China Petroleum Agency Service Center.
  • Zhang Linyong, General manager of Zhongyou Soluxe Property Management Co.,Ltd Beijing Branch.
  • Xia Xuhui, Deputy-director of Sichuan Wolong National Natural Reserve Administration.
  • Ren Jun, Chief engineer of Shenzhen Institute of Building Reaearch Co., Ltd.
  • Zhai Jiting, Director of Tianjin Dongli Lake Hot Spring Holiday Resort Management Committee.
  • Zhou Haizhu, Vice-president of China Academy of Building Research Tianjin Institute.

“Top China Real Estate”(TCRE), as the annual real estate industry event in China, attracts leaders of competent authorities, financial investors, real estate CEO, manager of building industry associations and organizations etc.. So far, TCRE has held successfully fifteen times. This year, more than 2000 representatives attended the conference, more than 300 newspapers, TV and internet media partner reported this big event. The average number of online clicks are more than 80 million that obtained great social attention.

At the beginning, C21 president Wang Qingqin was invited as the representative to unveil the fifteenth "Top China Real Estate" together with other 21 guests of great influences on building industry. The important guests include Nie Meisheng, president of Association of China Real Estate Chamber of Commerce, Meng Xiaosu, vice-president of China Enterprises Investment Association, Ren Zhiqiang, current chairman of SEE Conservation and former chairman of Hua Yuan Group, Feng Lun, chairman of Vantone Holdings Co., Ltd. etc..

In the prize presentation stage, President Wang Qingqin and Chairman Wang Youwei were invited to give the awards certificate. In 2017, 10 outstanding projects in China entered the finalist of 2017 “Green Solutions Awards” within which 5 were awarded International Awards with the support by CHBA. After the international ceremony in November 15, 2017 during the COP23 in Bonn, CHBA organized China National Ceremony as required by C21 to award all national winners in China, in recognition of their contributions to fight against climate change.

This means the 6th international project competition will be officially started soon. In 2018, CHBA will be the sole channel for Chinese project to participate the world competition. CHBA will guide the applicant and guide them to appear on the international stage. For further information, please contact C21 (China) and pay attention on C21 China Website, China Healthy Building Website and CHBA Wechat Interface.

In the healthy building topic stage, Wang Qingqin was invited to give speech "Promoting the Development of Healthy Building Industry and Building Healthy China", here below are the main content of the speech.

Demand. At present, the living standard of Chinese is improving constantly. Specifically, the demand for living comfort, physical and mental health are increasing. Satisfying the pursuit of healthy working and living environment for the masses is the major task and great challenge for the building industry. Chairman Xi said, the party members should forever regard people's yearning for a better life as the goal, takes people-oriented as the development theme, and create more comfortable living condition for the people. Building is an important carrier of people's working and living. Taking advantage of fast green development, the most important point in considering individuals and benefitting individuals. From the demand of the people to the national strategy and to the trend of building industry, the development of healthy buildings is in the right time.

Action. From the standard perspective, CHBA is the main body which has established the “Assessment Standard for Healthy Building" by condensing the multi-disciplinary resources. This standard mainly contains six physical and mental health influencing factors in building which are air, water, comfort, fitness, humanity and service. In terms of industrial promotion, CHBA aims at expanding the multi-channel, multi-level and diversified innovation services around standard innovation chain to promote healthy building industry. In the field of engineering practices and social activities, there are totally 17 certified projects for healthy building label and 23 registered projects in China. After three years’ effort, healthy buildings have grown from concept to landing to initial scale in China. In the field of international cooperation, in 2017, CHBA and Construction21 reached a strategic cooperation in China and hosted the entire collection, review and submit work of 2017 "Green Solutions Awards" in line with the proposal of Ségolène Royal, the minister of French Environment ,Energy and Marine Affairs. Finally, the Chinese projects won 5 international awards and won the world's first place in "Health Building Solutions Awards". From setting standards to building CHBA, from scale to internationalization, the development of healthy buildings in China has been on the right track and the industrial framework has been initially established which lies solid foundation for the all-round and full cycle industry and service system.

Expect. The theoretical research, standard establishment, consultation and design, and engineering practice of healthy building have been carried out rapidly. However, the industrial service system, the supply and demand mechanism, and the industrial brand of upstream and downstream industries have not been established yet. The development of healthy buildings is still at the initial stage. Therefore, the development of healthy building industry needs governments, research institutes, financial institutions, real estate enterprises, product R & D enterprises, property service companies and other enterprises and institutions to strengthen collaboration and build a virtuous circle of industrial clusters together. At the same time, the development of healthy building industry needs more media attention and support. It will promote the development of healthy building industry by popularizing the concept of healthy building, setting up industry benchmarking, protecting healthy brand and cultivating healthy market.

This conference also contains pension industry and real estate transition topics which lasts for 2.5 hours. It provides a showing and communication opportunity for CHBA and C21 Green Solutions Awards, based on which more and more attention are expected to be paid on green and healthy transition of building industry.

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