The H2020 project ExcEED launches its database: contribute now!

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The H2020 project ExcEED launches its database: contribute now!

The EU-funded project ExcEED collects data from new and energy efficient buildings (such as energy performance, CO2 emissions, etc.), gathered into a database. Through the data collected, the platform will foster energy awareness and will build analysis of energy performances regarding existing buildings’ data.

The platform provides insights on the energy performances of single buildings and districts in operational conditions, both related to energy consumption and indoor environmental quality. The platform is made of a range of tools allowing automatic calculation of dedicated Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), as well as algorithms for geo-clustering and benchmarking.

The ExcEED database contains several tools, such as the environmental quality tool, a web-based, easy-to-use tool that allows to get the feedback of building occupants on their perception of the indoor environmental quality and the geo-clustering tool, a web-based tool able to easily select, cluster and display geo-clustered information highlighting common spatial patterns and regions per groups of KPIs.

By streamlining heterogeneous data related to building energy performances, this database supports public officers and building professionals to better design energy efficient buildings and define innovative building construction policies. For building owners, the platform will be the opportunity to gain knowledge on their building’s energy consumption – and therefore get a grip on how to save costs while improving comfort levels.

The ExcEED platform is now calling on building managers, public officers, house owners, building professionals and more to upload the buildings data coming from building monitoring systems, projects, other EU and not-EU databases as well as from Indoor Environmental Quality (IEQ) surveys to the platform. ExcEED ensures that the data uploaded are kept anonymous and confidential, in compliance with the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

The platform is freely available until September 2019 to those uploading buildings data. Access to the platform is available upon filling of the following form.

To know more about the database, download the brochure or watch the ExcEED webinar recordings.

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