The Energy Efficiency Directive: An agreement that improves the climate and leads to employment in the EU

Published by Véronique Pappe
The Danish Presidency today received the EU Member States' endorsement of the compromise on the Energy Efficiency Directive, which was reached with the European Parliament in the negotiations last night. Danish Minister for Climate, Energy and Buildings, Martin Lidegaard, will present the final compromise text to his ministerial colleagues at the Energy Council meeting on 15 June.

"During the last few months enough political momentum has been built up for the EU Member States to lift the level of ambition of the Directive in the final negotiations. Just a few months ago the European Parliament and the Council were so far apart that it was almost utopian to believe in an agreement. But now we have taken another big step towards a more sustainable energy future, " says Martin Lidegaard.

The Directive will ensure more than 17 pct. improved energy efficiency in 2020. Since it is a minimum directive, the implementation in the coming years can bring us even closer to the goal that EU should be 20 pct. more energy efficient by 2020.

The main core of the directive is the obligation on energy companies that they must help their customers save energy. This requirement means that the industry and the energy sector will have a shared responsibility to deliver concrete savings through e.g. building insulation and using energy efficient appliances.

To read the complete article, please click here to go to the Danish Presidency´s website.

Source : BUILD UP, energy solutions for better buildings.
Moderated by : Véronique Pappe

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