The AI-based 24/7 Automated Energy Management Tool: DEXMA Optimise

10% of the energy professionals working in energy management say that they analyse energy data from their clients' buildings once a week. The rest does it on a monthly or quarterly basis. 

Energy managers recognise they would like to be able to carry out more regular energy consumption analysis, as this would enable them to detect anomalies in the installations. They would be able to solve many of their customers' issues and optimise their consumption. 

However, this task takes a lot of time, since it is generally manual. And as for any professional, time is money, so they end up doing it very periodically. 

Thanks to technological advances, detailed analysis that detects consumption anomalies can be automated. Furthermore, through the application of technology such as Artificial Intelligence, it is now possible to create tools that analyse energy data 24/7, that will learn from the results obtained. 

As a matter of fact, there are already tools that perform 24/7 analysis. In particular, there is DEXMA Optimise, one of the newest tools on the market, which also creates lists of anomalies detected on a daily basis. This app increases, in a major way, the productivity of the energy manager. 

If you want to learn more about how a tool like DEXMA Optimise works, check out this blog and read the article.

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