Tektonika / TEK GREEN / Lisboa 2019

08 05 2019
 Lisboa   08/05 - 11/05/2019

The AIP Foundation organizes the TEKTÓNICA – International Building and Construction Fair, from 8th to 11th May 2019 at FIL – International Fair of Lisbon.

TEKTÓNICA – International Building and Construction Fair Is The Largest Portuguese Building and Construction Fair


TEKTÓNICA will continue to invest in growth sectors and themes:

  • Internationalization 
  • Rehabilitation and Remodelling
  • Energy Efficiency and Sustainability in Construction

With the dedicated Exhibition TEK GREEN.

Exhibition of Energy Efficiency, Renewable Energy, Sustainable Construction and Social Responsibility in Construction


Some of the Highlights are:

-TEKTÓNICA 2018 PRIZE: Awards of recognition in the fields of Architecture, Engineering, Rehabilitation, Energy Efficiency, Exportation, Innovation and Professional Training.


-PORTUGAL CONSTRÓI: Display of products or Portuguese companies solutions that have distinguished themselves and contributed to the development and affirmation of a Portuguese identity.


-TEKTÓNICA ACADEMIES: Training actions directed to professionals and certified assignment.


-BUSINESS/COMMERCIAL PRESENTATIONS: Where exhibitors have the opportunity to make presentations of new products and solutions.


-INTERNATIONALIZATION: BIG INTERNATIONAL MEETS (in order to increase contacts and exports) – With the participation of international guests - Greater emphasis on the countries of the CPLP and Latin America.


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Moderated by : Clément Gaillard

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