TBB.2017: Featuring over 50 innovative energy solutions for the construction industry

25Oct 2017

TBB is the leading innovation event in sustainable energy taking place in Amsterdam on 25-26 October 2017. With over 160 energy innovations from which 50 are related to buildings, it is the innovation meeting point for the construction industry.

Indeed, buildings account for 40% of the energy consumption of Europe and in the coming years the trend for greener buildings will accelerate pushed by regulations and demanding energy labels. 

On the consumer side, the demand for integrated renewable energy sources, energy management systems and energy efficiency solutions is steadily raising and might even become the trigger of the buying decision at a point.  

At TBB you will find a lot of innovations to support your construction company through this evolution.

Integrated PV solution for tilted roofsEnergy production innovations for buildings such as AERspire, an aesthetic Building Integrated PV solution for tilted roofs, or Plactherm, a smart underfoot heating system, Sunaitec, that manufactures full architectural integrated solar receivers with increased energy production or yet Eco-touch from OGGA, an intelligent energy management system that automates heating, switches off standby during absences.

You will also find products in line with the trends of digitalisation of the construction industry, like BIM Solar, a Building Information Modelling product for solar architecture, with 3D modelling and instant simulations of solar power that help predict the performance of BIPV and Building Applied Photovoltaics (BAPV) products.

And last but not least, solutions for energy efficiency in buildings such as the efficient insulation panels from Active Insulation. Many other innovative solutions for green buildings will be showcasing at TBB, check them all here.

At a larger scale, TBB is also to occasion to watch for medium/long-term trends that might have an impact in the organisation of the city, and the territories, such as the surge of micro-grids in communities, decentralised systems and other. We will be talking this year how we can accelerate clean energy innovations with the best experts and though leaders. The trend for green buildings is here to stay. The construction industry, which traditionally has been a rather conservative one is now understanding how leveraging in technology and innovation will allow them to get ready for the future.

TBB is here to support your construction company through the energy transition, do not miss this opportunity to get ahead of the competition!

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 Amsterdam     25/10 - 26/10/2017
Moderated by : Alexia ROBIN

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