Sustainable as the new normal for DGNB

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The DGNB is the German Sustainable Building Council. Founded in 2007 by 16 initiators from a variety of specialist backgrounds in the construction and property industry, in order to promote sustainable building in the future.

The figures reported show interesting marks to be (re)considered. These include a reminder that people spend 90% of its time indoors and therefore it highlights the importance of the indoor environmental quality and its connection to energy demand in buildings. The publication revise the importance of building certification as a way to reduce energy demand and carbon emissions with some staggering difference between minimum legal standards and DGNB System.

The publication provides a view of certifications costs and a justification for the importance of implementing a life cycle assessment methodology for any new construction to effectively reduce CO2 emissions both in building construction and building operation.


The publication can be read here

Info on DGNB can be found here 






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