Sun carport off at De Meent car park

Instead of only sustainable sports, athletes can now also park sustainably at De Meent Sport Complex in Alkmaar. Within the POCITYF project, 858 solar panels have been placed above the parking lot on the south side of the ice rink. A total of 20 electric cars can be charged thanks to 16 additional charging points. The parking lot functions threefold: for parking, generating sustainable energy and charging.

Next: bicycle parking with charging points

The solar panels provide the charging points and the complex with green electricity. Batteries will soon be installed to store sustainable energy. According to plan, the construction team is now building about 60 solar panels above the bicycle parking area with 20 charging points for electric bicycles. In total, De Meent will be equipped with 918 extra solar panels that will generate 300,000 KWh (kilowatt hours) per year. This equals the power consumption of 100 households. In addition to the solar park, a heat / cold storage facility will be installed at the end of this year to heat and cool De Meent sustainably. The residual heat from the ice machines is used for this.

Alkmaar is an example in a sustainable European project

Project POCITYF is financed by the European Union to make historic cities such as Alkmaar more sustainable. The historic exemplary cities of Alkmaar and Evora (Portugal) apply various sustainable solutions, from which other participating historic cities in Europe are learning.

Subprojects in Alkmaar

Alkmaar develops sustainable technologies in the areas of Westrand; Bloemwijk, De Hoef and Olympiapark. The solutions are divided into sub-projects. The sustainable techniques can be used at a later stage for the sustainable development of other areas in Alkmaar. The municipality of Alkmaar is working in the POCITYF project together with several partners, including the housing corporations Woonwaard and Van Alckmaer, HVC, Connexxion, Alliander, TNO, Inholland, Neroa, Firan, University of Groningen and New Energy Coalition.

“The Solar Carport is a valuable addition to the municipality of Alkmaar, given the increase in electric and hybrid cars. In this demosite of POCITYF, the locally generated energy is also used locally. A good example that can be applied elsewhere in the Alkmaar region and in other cities.”

Councilor for Sustainability, Christian Braak    

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