Summer workshop 2.0 - Circular Retrofit Lab

17Sep 2018

Right before the start of the new academic year, Anne PaduartStijn Brancart and the Transform-team of the VUB will organise a three-day Summer Workshop within the frame of the Circular Retrofit Lab, the Belgian pilot project of the H2020 project 'Buildings As Material Banks'

From 17 until 19 September a team of interested students will explore the design and actual mounting of reversible sustainable construction solutions. For this they will start from the systems that were built and tested during a first workshop.

During this workshop the students will, supported by a technical team, reuse the currently mounted construction systems and reconfigure them for the transformation of a student module to a pop-up space for events, lectures and activities. These difficult challenges require innovative solutions and systems: students will have to think creatively, but even more so dare to make their hands dirty.

With the principles of transformable and circular construction in mind, we will test the reuse potential and versatility of the proposed systems through the functional transformation of the space. How can we reuse the wall solutions and which interior elements can we produce with the reclaimed parts of the walls?

Interested to participate? Send an e-mail to Stijn Brancart ( by 10 September, explaining who you are and why you want to be part of the workshop! More information on

 VUB campus (Etterbeek)     17/09 - 19/09/2018
Moderated by : Sylvain Bosquet

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