REN21 Renewables in Cities Global Status Report

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REN21 Renewables in Cities Global Status Report

Get involved!

Showcase city-level renewable energy action, share your insights and be featured in the REN21 Renewables in Cities Global Status Report! Are you a city expert and know of city targets, policies or innovative business models integrating renewable energy in buildings, industry, transport or power grids? How are cities mobilizing finance and involving citizens in renewable energy projects? We invite you to share your renewable energy stories and actions and be part of the inclusive effort to create the first global report on renewable energy in cities.

There are three ways to get involved:

  • Fill in the online questionnaire, available on the REN21 collaborative data collection platform.  Please find the instructions to access the questionnaire here. Do not forget to provide full sources/references for all information that you contribute.
  • Send us any relevant data you might have (e.g. PDF, Excel, Webpage) directly via email to [email protected] (in English, French, Italian, German, Spanish).
  • If you would like to contribute sector-specific data (e.g. on buildings, transport, industry) on renewables in cities or review the publication, let us know here.

Deadline is 15 April 2019. Thanks for your contribution – your city will be featured on our web portal and your contribution will be acknowledged in the final report!


REN21 is producing the first edition of a new report series called the Renewables in Cities Global Status Report which will provide a platform to map out the current trends and developments of renewable energy in cities, making visible to policy makers and other relevant actors in the energy sector the importance of the role that cities play in advancing the energy transformation. At the moment, information regarding cities initiatives is dispersed and limited. By offering fact-based evidence and a supportive narrative, this publication will be a powerful tool for different types of stakeholders to inform (sub-) national regulatory frameworks, support city-level commitments and facilitate better multi-level integration to collectively shape the debate on cities in the energy transformation. Jointly, we will showcase sustainable policies, finance and business models. This report builds on the success and lessons learned in producing the Renewables Global Status Report. 


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