REMOURBAN Webinar "Procuring Better Outcomes: Deep domestic retrofit projects"

 Webinar  retrofit project  Energiesprong
28 01 2019
 online   28/01 - 28/01/2019

Join the Nottingham Team on Monday, 28th January 2019, 15.00h (UTC+0) to learn more on innovative procurement for domestic energy retrofitting

Ten Nottingham City Homes’ properties in Sneinton, Nottingham were the first homes in the UK to be refurbished under the Dutch Energiesprong initiative. The Energiesprong approach aims to make desirable, warm and affordable homes by radically improving older houses via one deep retrofit rather than small incremental improvements over time. Instead of procuring a pre-defined construction solution, Nottingham City Homes piloted performance-based procurement and encouraged contractors to be as innovative as possible.


To join the webinar, click on this link on Monday, 28th January at 15h (UTC+0)!


Agenda & Speakers:

  • Procurement for better outcomes - Emily Braham: Head of Sustainable Energy, Nottingham City Homes
    How to procure an energy performance guarantee for your properties; setting your outcomes and objectives for procurement rather than purchasing a pre-defined construction solution. 
  • Facilitating a new procurement process - Jonathan Whitmarsh: Corporate Procurement Officer, Nottingham City Council 
    Differences between performance-based and traditional procurement process. Implications and approaches for procurement professionals. 
    How to positively facilitate this innovative procurement model. 
  • Delivering an energy performance guarantee - David Adams: Technical Director, Melius Homes 
    A contractor’s experience of this new process. “It’s an opportunity, and not a threat to the construction process”.
  • Q&A
Moderated by : Alexia ROBIN

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