REMOURBAN and Lighthouse cities at the “100% Climate Neutrality Conference” in Sønderborg

04Oct 2017
The Climate Conference in Sønderborg (Denmark) is a biannual appointment for representative from municipalities, industry and academia to enter a dialogue about the best solutions to reach their climate goals at city, regional and national levels.

This year’s 100% Climate Neutrality Conference takes place on October 4-5. The event is an opportunity for stakeholders to assist to presentations on the state-of-the art in this domain and meet with other actors facing the climate neutrality challenge. This year’s event will have a focus on SmartCities in a disruptive world.

The 100% Climate Neutrality 2017 conference is organized by the University of Southern Denmark, campus Alsion/Sonderborg, in close cooperation with cross-border (Denmark/Germany), national, regional and local stakeholders and financially supported by local supporters.

The city of Sønderborg which hosts the event is a lighthouse city in the SmartEnCity project and will take this opportunity to host the periodic SCC Smart Cities & Communities Lighthouse and Follower cities meeting, on Friday 6 October. On this occasion representatives from the SCC1 projects meet to catch up on the progress made with a particular focus on the conjoint clustering effort.

REMOURBAN will be represented by its coordinator, Miguel A. García (CARTIF) and from the exploitation leads Valerie Bahr & Lena Ohlig (STEINBEIS).

 Sønderborg     04/10 - 06/10/2017
Moderated by : Alexia ROBIN

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