[Webinar] Reducing CO2 by half, in CONCRETE

We are confident that we can reduce the > 7.1 billion ton of CO2 the concrete economy emits per year (study by Prof. Koji Sakai’s) by half, to the benefit of all smart stakeholders. We have now a ROADMAP, yet, that is not enough. We need qualified drivers, vehicles, tools and personal skills to remove roadblocks, fill in the holes, level the playing field, and share the energy to move forward.

We call on you to participate and help shape the “MANUAL of sustainable materials for CO2 neutral constructions” that will become a joined possession after these webinars. Our preliminary program;


Tuesday 15-12-2020                              GREEN PROCUREMENT, chair: Prof. Jacqueline Cramer.                             

Wednesday 16-12-2020                       TECHNOLOGY, chair; Wolfram Schmidt, B.A.M. Berlin. 

Thursday 17-12-2020                            PRACTICE, chairJohan Vyncke, RILEM.       


The 3 days will be well prepared and the draft “MANUAL of sustainable materials for CO2 neutral construction” section “Reducing CO2 by half, in Concrete” will provide the framework, 

The draft MANUAL will be sent to people who have registered, not later than 4-12-2020. Comments and questions in writing in your own language will be handled in the Q & A sections. They can hopefully become part of the final MANUAL.

Please confirm your participation to Martin Damman martin@sustcon.org of www.sustcon.org

Boudewijn Piscaer, Pantheon Performance Foundation, Amsterdam 3-12-2020

Virtual from Amsterdam
15/12 - 17/12/2020
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