Project ENES-CE – MENEA involves citizens in energy planning

Medjimurje Energy Agency Ltd. (MENEA) is one of 10 project partners from 6 central European countries that are implementing project ENES-CE – Collaboration between public bodies and citizen energy groups in implementing local energy strategies in Central Europe. The main goal of this project is to engage citizens to become a significant part in the planning of energy transition as well as implementing and financing concrete energy projects in their local and regional communities.

To achieve this goal, partners have developed a joint methodological framework for developing bottom-up energy planning process and performed status quo analysis of their current local energy plans. To get the citizens as well as local government involved in the process of revision of current local energy plans and to trigger their cooperation, a series of workshops have been and will be organised in each partner region. Through these workshops and cooperation with citizens, pilot projects will be identified which will then be also partly funded by the project itself. It is planned to have 6 of these pilot investments, one for each partner region. The final aim of multistakeholder cooperation is to establish citizens energy groups or cooperatives in partner regions. These groups will have a role of frontrunners in planning and implementing new energy related projects and will be motivated to work closely with public authorities, private companies and research and development institutions.
Three additional tools are developed within the project to facilitate citizen energy cooperatives functioning:

  • Tool 1: Co-design workshop methods for engaging participants into local energy planning,
  • Tool 2: Community energy investment guidelines – technical, business and legal aspects, and
  • Tool 3: Communication methods for local energy plans and creating an atmosphere of acceptance.

For more details on the project, its deliverables, activities and results as well as partner contacts, you can visit project website. The project is being funded by ERDF through Transnational cooperation programme Interreg Central Europe.

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