Central Europe towards Sustainable Building 2022, International Scientific Conference

Central Europe towards Sustainable Building 2022, International Scientific Conference

The Central Europe towards Sustainable Building 2022 congress took place in Prague on the 4th and 5th of July. From the 3SqAir project, the author Anna Figueroa Lopez (UPV/EHU) presented her paper entitled "Critical Analysis of Monitoring Indoor Air Quality In Education Centres". Where she made a literature review of studies that have evaluated IAQ in schools by monitoring and establishing relationships between the physical properties of buildings and monitoring strategies applied to propose better monitoring strategies and understand the limitations involved. The full papers of all authors will soon be available in the proceedings.

In order to disseminate different parts of the research carried out in the 3sqAir project and in relation to Anna Figueroa-Lopez's doctoral thesis, the conference entitled "Critical Analysis of Monitoring Indoor Air Quality In Education Centres" has been accepted at the international congress "Central Europe towards Sustainable Building 2022".

This study aims to relate air quality monitoring to the main characteristics of the case study. To find if there is a correlation between different characteristics. In recently published studies, the most critical aspects when characterising the influence of IAQ in educational institutions are.

In conclusion, once the relationships between different variables have been studied when monitoring educational centres, the type of educational centre, its ventilation system and the environment in which it is located have had a special influence. These variables will indicate which pollutants are most likely to be found and the control that can be exercised over indoor conditions, as well as the number of measurements to be taken.

This monitoring can be used to engage users through live visualisation of the values obtained, which is an easily replicable strategy and has been shown to be effective in improving IAQ. It allows users to change their comfort conditions by improving IAQ. However, it is important to be aware of the limitations of some indicators such as CO2 when extrapolating conclusions about IAQ without knowing the concentration of other pollutants.


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