[Podcast Micromobility #75] A trip down memory lane with Jump founder, Ryan Rzepecki

This week we share a recent TripleM webinar where Oliver interviews Ryan Rzepecki. Ryan was the founder of Jump which sold to Uber and as of a few weeks ago, was sold to Lime. Ryan is a wealth of knowledge and understands this space inside and out. It’s a great discussion.

Specifically, they dig into: 

  • the Social Bike / Jump journey story including how it started, pivoted and what Ryan learnt along the way

  • the behind the scenes story - the highlights, lowlights and things people were not so privy to.

  • A discussion of why design was so important and how that came through in the scooters and bikes.

  • What Ryan thinks of the industry today, and why he believes it still so early. 

  • What his favourite Micromobility products are. 

  • His opinion of blitzscaling and the impact that had on Jump. 

  • A discussion of how the fundraising environment changed over time. 

  • Where he’s bullish on the industry overall, and their next steps.

  • Why the Jump hardware team was the best in the business.


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