Office Design 101: Sustainable Lighting Trends

Office Design 101: Sustainable Lighting Trends


As an office owner, you want to design a functional and appealing space that your employees will enjoy. When your staff is comfortable with the workspace, it boosts their productivity, which every business needs to increase profits. An important consideration is choosing the best lighting setup because it can significantly change the atmosphere around the office. Setting up your office lighting doesn't have to break the bank. You can find several lighting trends that will positively impact your office, and many involve sustainability, which helps keep the environment safe. 

Utilizing LED Lights

The most notable sustainable lighting trend for many offices using LED lights. In the past, most offices had fluorescent lights because they provided bright lighting for the entire workspace. But fluorescent lights contain mercury gas, and when they get tossed, they release this gas which is harmful to the environment.

Using LED lights can benefit you when your goal is to reduce energy consumption around the office. It's the best lighting alternative when you already have computers and other office equipment using energy. LED lighting can be costly to install but consider it a long-term investment and a meaningful way to help your office achieve sustainability. 

Adding Turntable White Lighting

Turntable white lights aren't well-known to many office building owners. However, it's slowly becoming a massive trend in several offices because it promotes sustainability and offers a change in an office environment. When you step inside an office, one of the first things that people will notice are usually the white lights coming from the ceiling. Seeing plain, white light for a long time can bore anyone out, so adding turntable white lighting can change that. 

What makes turntable white lights unique is their ability to adjust the lamp's color temperature in real-time. It's great when you want to change the color and mood of the office during a specific time of the day. During the mornings, the turntable white lights can make themselves bright, complementing the sunlight. And when nighttime hits, you can program it to create dim or bright lighting, depending on what mood lighting your office prefers. 

If you plan on adding turntable white lights, make sure you get the LED ones because they don't consume too much energy compared to bulbs. 

Connected Intelligent Lighting

Another lighting trend that many office building owners use is connected intelligent lighting. It's a unique lighting method that usually requires you to connect it to your internet to program it easily. That method is more integrated and approachable, ensuring that you or any other user won't have difficulty programming the lighting to adjust at a specific time. 

Most connected intelligent lighting uses LED lights as a standard option. It's the best lighting type that can help achieve sustainability. It also comes with luminaires that communicate with a programmable system, so you don't have to buy a separate system to get the lighting system working in your office. 

When your technicians finish installing the connected intelligent lighting system, you should be able to experience high energy-saving costs at the end of each month. You can also make their installation process faster by installing steel insulated gasketed access doors. The technicians will be able to access the lighting fixtures with ease with the access doors. 

Installing Skylights and Large Glass Windows

If your employees primarily work during mornings and afternoons, you can take advantage of the sun's natural light. It's the most effective method of reducing lighting costs because you never consume energy to bring in light. If you notice that your office faces the sun every day, you have to install skylights and large glass windows for the sunlight to pass through easily. 

When searching for glass windows, make sure that you choose energy-efficient ones because it prevents the heat inside from escaping during cold seasons. Not only do you get to save energy bills, but you also get to experience one other benefit as well. 

Don't forget the different lighting trends mentioned if you want to create sustainable lighting within your office building!

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