New York unveils bold new clean energy and climate plans

The Governor of New York State, Andrew Cuomo, announced a raft of new proposals yesterday to invest in renewable energy and tackle climate change.

As part of the annual ‘State of the State’ address, Governor Cuomo laid out plans to develop 800 megawatts of offshore wind over the next two years; invest $200m in energy storage by 2025, and $15m to train a new clean energy workforce.

The plans for offshore wind would mean “enough clean, renewable energy to power 400,000 New York households”, according to the proposal.

The state also plans to create a free program for low-income New Yorkers to gain access to solar power, and will expand a cap on greenhouse gas emissions from smaller power plants used to meet peak demand.

Governor Cuomo said: "New Yorkers know too well the devastation caused by climate change, and in order to slow the effects of extreme weather and build our communities to be stronger and more resilient, we must make significant investments in renewable energy.

"With this proposal, New York is taking bold action to fight climate change and protect our environment, while supporting and growing 21st century jobs in these cutting-edge renewable industries".

                            The Governor announced the commitment on Twitter

The new proposals were met with enthusiasm from the energy and environmental sectors. New York Offshore Wind Alliance Director, Joseph Martens, responded: “Governor Cuomo clearly demonstrated that he is going to walk the walk, not just talk the talk when it comes to renewable energy…These initiatives are bold, smart and will help ensure that New York becomes the hub of this new United States clean energy industry”.

Sierra Club Senior New York Representative, Lisa Dix, commented: “Investing in responsibly developed offshore wind will not only clean up our air and protect our families and communities from the devastating impacts of climate disruption, it will also position New York as the eastern hub for this industry, creating massive new jobs, and new economic development and manufacturing opportunities”.

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