Near Zero Energy settlements – reducing the cost barrier to market uptake of NZEB

17 06 2019
 Brussels   17/06 - 17/06/2019

The event "Near Zero Energy settlements – reducing the cost barrier to market uptake of NZEB "is organised by the ZERO-PLUS Project, whose main objective is to highlight how the transition from buildings to settlement level, can actually reduce the cost barrier to market uptake of Nearly Zero Energy Buildings, and contribute to the EU energy policy agenda. 


The event’s goal is to bring together specialists and stakeholders from different fields (i.e. architects, engineers, industry and professionals, utilities, large vendors, and other building-energy related companies and project owners), to discuss the barriers and opportunities for the market uptake of Nearly Zero Energy Buildings.


Its role is to define the current energy policy framework, exchange knowledge, and best practices, already captured from H2020 funded projects, on cost reduction and market acceleration of NZEB. Moreover, it will determine the supporting framework that needs to be developed for such projects, in order to successfully serve the energy policy objectives in their afterlife. 


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Event Type: Workshop
Date From: Monday, June 17, 2019 | Starting at 10:30
To: Monday, June 17, 2019 Ending at 12:00
Location: Schuman 14, Belgium


Organisation: ZERO-PLUS consortium


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Moderated by : Clément Gaillard

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