Mipim 2020 postponed again, relocated in Paris in September

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Mipim 2020 postponed again, relocated in Paris in September

As first reported by Business Immo, the 2020 edition of Mipim has been postponed again. Reed Midem, the organiser of the event, confirmed that the event will be transformed into a two-days gathering of real estate professionals, held in September in Paris. At the same time, a new online experience, Mipim Connect, will be available all year round. The next edition in Cannes, meanwhile, will take place from 16 to 19 March 2021.

The conference program, networking events and awards will take place in September, in parallel with other events in Paris focusing on innovation in real estate.

Mipim Connect will be launched in April and will be available free of charge to all participants who were registered for Mipim 2020. This new online service will offer a range of high-level content, business and networking tools available to real estate professionals worldwide throughout the year.

"The situation around Covid-19 is changing daily and government measures are increasingly restrictive,” said Filippo Rean, Director of Real Estate at Reed Midem. “It is clear that holding a show of the scale of Mipim in Cannes in June is no longer an option given the rapid spread, devastating impact and uncertain evolution of the virus. As it is not possible to hold a regular Mipim this year, we will be offering our customers another form of event this autumn in Paris, complemented by a digital experience, Mipim Connect. Both of these elements are designed to help the industry begin to recover and will be the precursors to Mipim in Cannes in March 2021."

Ronan Vaspart, Mipim Director, added : "We are grateful for the support and constructive input we have received from many Mipim clients and we thank them for their patience and understanding. Together with our Cannes partners, we hope to welcome them all back to Cannes in March 2021 for an exceptional Mipim and until then, we wish them to stay connected but above all, to take care of them."

At the end of February, Reed Midem had announced the postponement of the event from June 2nd to June 5th following cancellations by several real estate groups due to the spread of the coronavirus. Initially, the show was scheduled to take place from 10 to 13 March.


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