64: Getting to a Better Place with mobility - Michael Granoff from Maniv Mobility

This week, Oliver interviews Michael Granoff, partner at Maniv Mobility, an early stage investment firm specialising in transport technologies including micromobility. Michael has been around the mobility space a long time, and we had a great discussion about the boom and bust nature of new transport tech.

Specifically, we talk about: 

  • Michael’s background, his journey through energy security and getting into electrification of mobility, involvement with Better Place, and subsequent founding of Maniv Mobility

  • How his thesis has changed over time from electric, to autonomous to micromobility

  • Discussion about their existing investments, including Phantom Auto, Bolt Bikes and one of our most popular episodes to date: Revel, and what was compelling about each. 

  • How to accelerate the development of infrastructure suited to micromobility. 

  • What he agrees and disagrees about with Horace’s thesis. 

  • Which city is the leader for micromobility and why New York is still undoing the mess from Robert Moses, the Power Broker who ran infrastructure from the 1920s-1960s in the USA.


Note that this was recorded pre-the COVID19 outbreak. I’m looking forward to having him back on at some point in the future to discuss the impacts.

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