Making Green Building Financing Mainstream

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26 11 2019
 Webinar   26/11 - 26/11/2019

Join the webinar on 26. November 2019


Buildings and construction account for 40% of the world’s GHG emissions. Green buildings represent one of the most significant investment opportunities that contributes to mitigating climate change. Certifying a building as green will provide your clients with a competitive advantage – saving costs and increasing the value of their assets. This webinar will help you understand how GCPF, Thinkstep and SGS could support your institution in assessing and reporting green buildings and certifying them in line with the IFC EDGE scheme.


You will discover:


  • The current market and the trends in the green building sector
  • The economics of green buildings
  • How Thinkstep/SGS and GCPF can help you to assess and report your green building project using IFC EDGE

Join if:


  • You work in a financial institution (public or private) and you want to understand the opportunities in the green building sector 
  • You are working with GCPF, you want to report green building projects and you would like to know how GCPF Technical Assistance can support you
  • You want to know more about how you can add value to your clients and, at the same time, provide them with a green building certification 

The Presenters


Eleni Polychroniadou

EDGE Program Manager, thinkstep


After completing a degree in Environmental Policy from Middlebury College (USA), Eleni started working at Antenna Group, a clean technology public relations firm. Over three years, Eleni honed her communication skills on environmental issues and renewable energy.


She developed and executed communications strategies in alignment with business goals for a variety of cleantech companies ranging from solar to water efficiency software providers. At thinkstep, Eleni led the sales and marketing for the UK and is now managing the green building certification programme, EDGE. As the EDGE Program Manager, Eleni is responsible for the team’s operations, as well as the stakeholder management, sales and marketing activities of the program.


David Mazaira


Carbon Impact Specialist, responsAbility


Investments David is responsible for the technical validation and impact reporting of the projects reported to the Global Climate Partnership Fund by its partner institutions.


After completing his degree in chemistry in Caracas, Venezuela, he moved to Spain to continue his studies. For several years after, he worked at a major energy company identifying and implementing GHG emissions reduction projects, developing energy management systems and being part of several cross-sectorial groups promoting energy efficiency.



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Moderated by : Clément Gaillard

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