Leveraging the skills of building professionals to deliver on the European Green Deal

12 05 2020
 Brussels   12/05/2020

This event will offer an opportunity for exchange of views between stakeholders and EU policymakers on the role of skilled building professionals to deliver the European Green Deal, in particular the so-called ‘renovation wave’ of public and private buildings.

Starting from a discussion on the role of skills needed to reduce the gap between a building’s predicted and real energy consumption (the so called “performance gap”), the event will investigate how the contribution of skilled building professionals can be made more visible and valued by the market.

A policy panel will take stock of the progress achieved and efforts needed towards the 2030 targets.

Parallel sessions will discuss the role of skilled professionals for constructing and managing highly efficient and more digitalised buildings and for delivering high quality renovations.

A poster session will showcase projects developing solutions to facilitate the upskilling of building professionals and increase their visibility on the market.

You can find the programme here.


12th BUILD UP Skills European exchange meeting

12 May 2020

Crown Plaza, Rue Gineste 3, Brussels, 1210 Belgium


You can register here : https://www.esurveyspro.com/Survey.aspx?id=3cef4718-fcfc-4cfc-ad8d-9411e156dd0e


About BUILD UP Skills

BUILD UP Skills is a strategic initiative with the main goal of increasing the number of skilled building professionals across Europe who can deliver building renovations with high-energy performance and new nearly zero-energy buildings. 

Since 2011, BUILD UP Skills has been funding both national and transnational projects. A recent focus has been on measures to increase digital skills that support the energy transition of the building stock and to increase the demand for skilled professionals.

The main target groups are professionals working along the building value chain (e.g. on-site workers, craftspeople, architects, engineers, building managers etc.), construction companies and SMEs, training providers, building owners and tenants, building managers and public authorities.

Regular European exchange meetings take place – gathering project teams and relevant stakeholders – to foster the exchange of experience and networking.

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Moderated by : Construction21 Communication

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