Launch of the Renovation Hub: EU platform for energy-efficient refurbishment technologies and business models

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Launch of the Renovation Hub: EU platform for energy-efficient refurbishment technologies and business models

The STUNNING Renovation Hub, a virtual platform for the interactive knowledge exchange in energy-efficient building renovation, was launched by the EU-funded, Horizon 2020 project STUNNING in September 2018. It enables all participating stakeholders to share knowledge and experiences with each other through articles on their innovative refurbishment packages, replicable business models and case studies on their successful implementation.

The Renovation Hub offers various benefits for stakeholders from the entire value chain for energy-efficient building refurbishment:

  • Technology providers from various industries, such as from construction, new materials, energy and smart homes are able to promote their renovation technologies and replicable business models across Europe.
  • Companies and research institutes get a platform to form new partnerships on technology development and implementation.
  • Building owners and municipalities can find or disseminate appropriate data on refurbishment packages, business models and best practices of their planned or performed refurbishment project.
  • Financial institutions can broaden their audience by promoting their financing models directly to interested parties with prospective plans of building refurbishment.
  • Architects and property developers gain a platform that bundles all relevant stakeholders in the refurbishment sector and can screen the market for potential projects.

By launching the Renovation Hub, STUNNING is thus promoting an accelerated adoption of innovative refurbishment packages and successful business models in the market and strives to increase the pan-European refurbishment rate.

Interested parties can now officially register as STUNNING stakeholders with following degrees of participation:

  • STUNNING Follower: Follow our social media activities, receive the newsletter and access to publicly available information from the Renovation Hub.
  • STUNNING Expert: Get the possibility to submit your own articles, validate articles from other stakeholders and participate in our workshops.
  • STUNNING Ambassador: Play a leading role in the validation of articles and disseminate information to your community.

 For further information please visit our STUNNING project website and the newly launched site of the Renovation Hub.

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