JOINT-SECAP Final Conference

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JOINT-SECAP Final Conference

Joint_SECAP - Joint Strategies for Climate Change Adaptation in Coastal Areas, financed by the Interreg Italy-Croatia Programme.

Nine organizations, led by the University of Camerino (Italy) and involving regional and local authorities, have joined forced for the identification of adaptation strategies to tackle climate change and for the development of Joint Sustainable Energy and Climate Action Plans in 9 coastal territories in Italy and Croatia.

The risk and vulnerability assessment carried out in these territories showed how climate hazards have a clear impact on the social and economic sectors of our society, demonstrating the need to leave the logic of municipal-scale plans behind and embrace the planning in a district dimension, taking always into account local realities and specificities. Multi-level governance becomes thus crucial for the fruitful involvement of all the necessary actors at the local and regional levels, as well as from the public and private sectors.

In this framework, the Joint_SECAP project can be considered a good example of multilevel governance and the development of a shared methodology to define strategies and adaptation measures in 2 countries with homogeneous climate areas.

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16/06 - 17/06/2021
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