International VELUX Award 2016 is open until April

The VELUX Group launches the International VELUX Award 2016 to inspire students of architecture all over the world to work with daylight in architecture. Students must register before 1 April 2016 to be able to participate.

The International VELUX Award 2016 for Students of Architecture strives to encourage and challenge students of architecture to explore the role of daylight in architecture.

"We want to pay tribute to daylight and to strengthen the role of daylight in building design. For centuries, daylight has been the primary source of light for the interior, and architects have always been interested in and fascinated by it; yet daylighting can be a difficult discipline to approach, understand and master,"says Per Arnold Andersen, Head of International VELUX Award.

Light of Tomorrow

The overall theme of the International VELUX Award is Light of Tomorrow. The award seeks to inspire students of architecture to consider how to use sunlight and daylight as main sources of energy and light, and how to ensure the health and well-being of people who live and work in buildings. A crucial challenge is how to transform the existing building stock, with strategic use of daylight as a key driver for change.

Learn more about the International VELUX Award and register here 

Impressions from the International VELUX Award 2014 on 30 October at the Semper Depot in Vienna, Austria.


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