Integrated home renovation services

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Integrated home renovation services

Europe faces a profound challenge – to triple the current renovation rate in order to meet its climate and energy goals. For project promoters such as homeowners, the renovation process can be complicated, shaped by the ambiguity of the interventions to implement, combined with a lack of knowledge on existing solutions, as well as a lack of services to coordinate all required market actors involved in the renovation process.

This often results in lengthy, time- consuming and disruptive renovation processes for both occupants and neighbours (e.g. noise, dust, need to move out, etc.). Low qualification of many building professionals and unattractiveness of the overall energy renovation process are among the reasons why the renovation rate continues to linger around 1% and private investments remain limited. Achieving the full market potential of renovation calls for a paradigm shift, where both a more service- oriented supply-side and a deeper awareness on the demand-side play key roles, and where market offers go beyond energy performance to include a wider range of home improvement and support services. Such an approach will result in less-intrusive, better coordinated, more efficient and more attractive interventions.

A workshop will be organised at Sustainable Places 2020 (28-30 October 2020) and will bring together several H2020 EU-funded projects which aim at creating or replicating innovative “Integrated Home Renovation services” throughout Europe. Each project aims at dramatically improving the quality of the renovation service by covering the whole "customer journey" from technical and social diagnosis, technical offer, contracting of works, structuring and provision of finance, to the monitoring of works and quality assurance. 

  • TURNKEY RETROFIT - Integrated Home Renovation services in France, Spain and Ireland
  • PadovaFit Expanded -  One-Stop-Shop dedicated to home renovation services in the city of Padova (Italy), expanded to Timisoara (Romania), Smolyan and Vidin (Bulgaria)
  • RenoBooster - One-Stop-Shop for the refurbishment of private residential buildings in Vienna
  • RenoHUb - Upscaling energy retrofits of Hungarian homes through the development of an integrated business model
  • Opengela - One-stop-shop renovation concept for the neighbourhoods of Otxarkoaga (Bilbao) and Txonta (Eibar)

“Integrated renovations services” will transform the complex and fragmented renovation process into a simple, straightforward and attractive process for the homeowner. All services developed by the projects represented in this workshop aim at being operational by the end of the project and create more demand for holistic approaches as a result of improved offer by trustful market operators and better awareness from homeowners. They should also support the streamlining of standards and practices into consistent and transparent processes investors can rely on, and by doing so help connect the supply of finance with demand for it.

Aix-les-Bains, France
28/10 - 30/10/2020
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