Impulse partners unveil two startup accelerator programs in construction technology and water management!

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Paris, France, May 22nd, 2023 

Leading European construction accelerator and consulting firm, Impulse Partners, today announced the launch of two startup accelerator programs in construction technology and water management.

These programs aim to speed-up innovation in the construction sector and accelerate the growth of pioneering technology start-ups globally.

“Impulse Partners is thrilled to collaborate with CRH Ventures and EllisDon to accelerate the transformation of the construction industry. We believe that the program will create opportunities for startups from around the world to showcase their innovative solutions and work alongside industry leaders to bring them to market,” said Thomas Le Diouron, Managing Partner, Impulse Partners.

“Our industry is at a crossroads, and we need to embrace collaboration if we want to continue to expand our technology solutions," said Brandon Milner, Senior Vice President, Digital & Data Engineering, EllisDon. “We are proud to launch an accelerator program in partnership with Impulse Partners and hope it can act as a conduit to increase the development of cutting-edge innovation while driving growth and opportunities for promising start-ups."

Eduardo Gomez, Head of CRH Ventures, said: “Water is at the core of ClimateTech, playing a major role in transforming our society. The journey towards a sustainable green economy cannot be attained without the ample availability and efficient utilisation of water. CRH is a market leader in water management solutions, and through the CRH Ventures Accelerator for Water Solutions, we will take a step further by partnering with entrepreneurs in the Construction Technology and ClimateTech space to create and advance the next generation of solutions needed to address some of the most pressing water problems society faces.”

These accelerator programs represent a unique opportunity for selected start-ups to collaborate with experts from across CRH’s and EllisDon’s businesses, have access to pilot projects in the USA, Canada and Europe and expand their network. To participate, start-ups must apply through the respective program websites:

As the construction sector confronts escalating challenges, there is a need to speed-up technological adoption, increase productivity and mitigate the industry’s environmental impact. That is why Impulse Partners created the Global Construction-Tech Program, a unique platform dedicated to fostering win-win partnerships between innovative start-ups and global construction companies. Learn more about the initiative: https://www.impulse-global-contech.com/

About Impulse Partners

Impulse Partners is a specialist in accelerating innovation in the construction, real-estate, smart cities and energy sectors. We develop ecosystems that bring innovative startups together with major corporations, local governments, and investors. Our teams identify the most innovative and promising startups with the goal of connecting them to industry leaders in order to accelerate global growth.

About CRH Ventures

CRH Ventures is the venture capital unit of CRH, the global leader in building materials solutions. With access to a $250M Venturing and Innovation Fund, CRH Ventures partners with and invests ambitiously and strategically in ConTech and ClimateTech start-ups across the entire construction value chain. For more information visit www.crhventures.com.

About EllisDon

EllisDon is an employee-owned, $5 billion-a-year global construction services company. With over 4,000 salaried and hourly employees across fifteen national and international offices, EllisDon has become a leader in every sector and nearly every facet of the construction industry.

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