iBRoad Report "Stepwise and structured"

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iBRoad Report

Surrounding policy instruments to support the iBRoad approach for building renovation take-off.

The Report “Stepwise and structured” investigates how surrounding policy instruments can be used to increase the dissemination, adoption, and impact of the iBRoad Building Renovation Roadmaps developed within the iBRoad project.

It also investigates approaches on how to use the iBRoad Building Renovation Roadmap (or its elements) with other instruments to advance highly dynamic and deep retrofits.

The report shows that key elements of the iBRoad Building Renovation Roadmap and building renovation plans in general, such as the long-term target and the future-oriented renovation strategy, can be integrated into other political instruments to unfold maximum impact.

Only when embedded in a supportive policy surrounding, the recommendations of the building Roadmap will, with a high probability, be implemented and practically transferred into renovation activity.


Download the Report here.

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