iBRoad project: Key Notes of Stakeholders Meetings

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iBRoad project: Key Notes of Stakeholders Meetings

The engagement of stakeholders during the development process of the iBRoad project is considered of high value since the beginning. Following the stakeholders’ mapping procedure, a process that included the identification, the analysis, the visualisation and the prioritisation steps for each stakeholder, namely the levels of expertise, influence, involvement necessity and interest to the project, the first round of physical meetings took place during February and March 2018 in 8 countries.

In total, 114 stakeholders, coming from public national and local authorities, engineering and building associations, technical chambers and consumer associations, building material industry, finance institutions, academia, NGOs, think tanks and media, attended the meetings, providing their insights, input, ideas on how the project could be a benefit for the building owners and tenants.

Read the Report here.

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