Hyperloop pioneers welcome a new era in high-speed transportation with industry-first international alliance

Leading hyperloop companies TransPod (from Canada), Hardt Hyperloop (from the Netherlands), Hyper Poland and EIT Climate-KIC supported Zeleros (from Spain) have announced the first-ever international partnership to establish standardised methodologies and frameworks to regulate vacuum-based hyperloop transport systems.

Spanish hyperloop start-up Zeleros gained international media attention in 2016 when it won two awards at Elon Musk’s world-famous hyperloop competition in Texas. Zeleros won ‘Top Design Concept’ and ‘Propulsion/Compression Subsystem Technical Excellence’ awards. The jury were impressed that the team comprised only five people, all of whom were 22 or 23 years old, outshining many larger and more experienced teams.

This joint initiative is the first project designed to enable worldwide standardisation and propel hyperloop transportation towards global implementation.

Juan Vicén, the co-founder and Chief Marketing Officer at Zeleros said “We are marking the beginning of a new era in high-speed transportation and cooperation in hyperloop standardisation is key to ensure that the whole world benefits from it. Now is the moment to demonstrate the full potential of global innovation combining efficiently the best from aerospace, railway and vacuum industries.”Zeleros’s  hyperloop technology’s low CO2 emissions and use of clean energy for their implementation was in line with EIT Climate-KIC’s strategy of supporting innovations with the potential for driving systemic change. Representatives of EIT Climate-KIC connected with the Zeleros team and helped them shape their innovative ideas into a market-ready product

With this joint agreement, the development of the hyperloop has entered a new phase. The partnership is open to all industry executives, research institutes, regulatory bodies, and governments who are willing to commit to the obligations, including discussions, research, practices, and policies.

Zeleros is currently participating in two start-up accelerators, the Valencian Lanzadera and Stage 3 of EIT Climate-KIC’s Start-up Accelerator, and is recognised as being visionary in mobilising and creating synergies at European and International level.

Start-ups and innovators working on climate innovation ideas are encouraged to check out EIT Climate-KIC’s entrepreneurship programmes which offer support across Europe.

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