How to achieve high building performance at less than 2% additional costs

We’ve worked with a lot of project owners, investors and managers over the years who are actively looking to bring added value to their building developments and who understand how sustainability will help them achieve that. Almost every time, they express the same concern about upfront costs and capturing the actual #financial value out of these #greenbuilding projects.

Quite understandably, these projects need to make business sense to be undertaken. They need to be economically feasible and financially rentable.

And to that we always answer that sustainable buildings don’t have to cost more. They do when the timing, process and applied principles which they are taken on is wrong. 

We’ve made this video to explain the process we use to achieve cost effective high energy performance and to introduce our new green design brief for you to use to develop your next sustainable project. Have a look!

Find out more about and get our green design brief


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