Health & Comfort winner of the Green Solutions Awards 2017: CNPC Headquarters (China)

The CNPC Headquarters is a vast tertiary multifunction complex of 22 floors featuring offices, conference halls, restaurants, sports centres and car parks. It hosts an average of 3,500 people per day. Health and comfort were put at the centre of its design, following the requirements of the Chinese standard: Healthy Building.

This approach is based on the thorough study of 7 factors: air, water, diet, comfort, physical exercise, social interaction and access to services, therefore establishing a very wide definition of health and comfort provided by a building to its users.

Indoor air quality of the CNPC Headquarters, a very important matter in China and especially in Beijing, is optimised through a double purification system, both active and passive, coupled with thorough monitoring. Water is also processed and treated through a very efficient purification process.

The well-being of the users of a tertiary building can also be addressed through healthy diet. With 3,500 people working every day in this building, the CNPC decided to provide healthy restaurant services based on the rhythm of seasons, the weather and the principles of Chinese medicine. This healthy diet can be completed with sport activities practiced in dedicated spaces available in that same building.

  • Contractor: China Petroleum Building Management Committee Office
  • Facility manager: Zhongyou Soluxe Property Management Co., Ltd Beijing Branch
Case study CNPC Headquarters
Interested in this exemplary building?
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Energy & Hot Climates winner
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Sustainable Renovation Grand Prize winner
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Sustainable Construction Grand Prize
BSolutions (Belgium)

Energy & Yemperate Climates winner
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Health & Comfort winner
CNPC Headquarters (China)


Moderated by : Sylvain Bosquet

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