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Published by Angelique Lusuan

An online survey collects inputs on how to best introduce circularity in the housing sector

The HOUSEFULproject has launched a stakeholder consultation process on the development of a methodology for evaluating the circularity level of residential buildings. The goal is to collect feedback on the issues to be considered for an effective development. Architects, designers, engineers, construction companies, promoters, housing agencies, sustainability experts, public bodies and other relevant stakeholders of the housing value chain are invited to answer this survey, which will stay open till the 10th of October 2018:


The housing sector is a major contributor to current global problems of resource depletion and climate change, representing one of the most important consuming sectors at EU level. HOUSEFUL is an initiative funded by the European Commission which targets the uptake of circular buildings in the housing sector. This will be done through the implementation of eleven solutions enabling the efficient management of waste, water and energy along the housing value chain. The solutions will be demonstrated in four buildings located in Spain and Austria. HOUSEFUL started in May 2018 and will last four and half years.

Moderated by : Guillaume Aichelmann

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