GWNET 2020 Mentoring Programme – Call for Applications!

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GWNET 2020 Mentoring Programme – Call for Applications!

The recent GWNET’s 2020 report “Women for Sustainable Energy: Strategies to Foster Women’s Talent for Transformational Change,” underlines the remaining gender inequalities in the sustainable energy sector. The Global Women’s Network for the Energy transition, in order to foster women’s role as agents of change in society, launches the 3rd edition of its Global Mentoring Programme for Women working in the Energy Sector.

This programme has as a core objective the acceleration of the careers of women in junior/middle management positions in energy, but also support them in accessing leadership positions.

The mentoring programme is a 12-months programme duration. it includes a series of webinars dedicated to comprehensive knowledge transfert components, and relies also on networking and peer to peer exchange.

How to become a mentee? 

The application criteria are as follows:

  • You must be a woman working in the energy sector
  • Must work in a junior/middle management position (between 2 and 10 years of working experience)

If you fulfil the conditions and are interested in becoming a mentee, register through this link BEFORE APRIL 5th 2020. 

Note that GWNET is aslo looking for senior professionals who want to have a positive impact on younger women’s carriers in the Energy sector. This initiative has an even bigger role due to the constant changes in the business field, the impacts of digitalization or the constant new pathways opening regarding technology deployment. This opportunity not only gives you the change to take part in a global network of mentorship and fostering knowledge sharing and empowerment, but also to contribute to the personal development of both you and your mentee.

GWNET’s Mentoring Programmes involve 1 to 1.5 hours of engagement per months, as well as optional participation in knowledge transfer webinars. If you are interested in volunteering as a mentor, fill this kindly fill in the Mentor Datasheet.

The fees for participation in the programme are EUR 500. More information can be found here. For companies, industry associations or donors who would like to sponsor specific participants for this mentorship programme, you can contact please contact [email protected].

You can find more information about mentoring GWNET’S Mentoring Programmes here.

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