Green Solutions Awards: the 2018 edition is on!

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Green Solutions Awards: the 2018 edition is on!

MIPIM – Palais des Festivals, Cannes, March 15th.

Construction21 launched the Green Solutions Awards 2018 on the BNP Paribas Real Estate booth, one of the sponsors of the competition. The contest for sustainable solutions highlights exemplary buildings, districts and infrastructures around the world, in order to accelerate the environmental transition. This year, the awards ceremony will be held during COP24, in Katowice, Poland.

Launch at MIPIM, with BNP Paribas Real Estate

Stand BNP Paribas Real Estate MIPIM

As a partner of MIPIM, international fair trade for real estate, Construction21 chose the BNP Paribas Real Estate booth to open the 2018 edition of the competition. International actor on the real estate sector, BNP Paribas Real Estate is a long-time committed company to a more sustainable society and one of the sponsors of the Green SolutionsAwards.


Green Solutions Awards: not only buildings, but also districts and infrastructures

TafileltSince its 1st edition in 2013, the contest expanded from buildings to districts in 2016 – with the creation of a database on exemplary districts and the urge to discuss sustainability on a city scale. It’s another relevant way to appreciate and evaluate a positive energy or a bioclimatic building while taking into account the energy sources available in the neighbourhood and its urban environment.

With this new section of the competition, extremely innovative and inspiring projects have been rewarded, from the ZAC Clichy Batignolles in Paris to the Cité Tafilelt located in the Algerian desert, or even a renovated garden city in Charleroi, Belgium.

Filtering Gardens

 In 2017, the contest also expanded to infrastructures and urban services: low carbon transportation mode, innovative water and waste management systems, local green energy production, smart management of cities… Innovations aiming to curb our carbon footprint, and the category’s winner in 2017 was Filtering Gardens© in Rio, Brazil, a 100% natural wastewater treatmentplant using local vegetation.

A trend indicator

The Green Solutions Awards are singular in their ability to promote implemented solutions for free, used by pioneers from all over the world. By analysing the case studies participating to the competition (150 in 2017) allows Construction21 to detect trends in connection with the reality of the market.

For example, in 2017, « smart buildings » move away from the sole technological escalation to work towards common sense building intelligence, one that serves energy efficiency in the building of course, but most of all to serve users and their well-being. The Ampère e+ building in France, winner in the category in 2017, illustrates that perfectly.

Users have become a true defining factor for sustainable construction. Several competing realisations of the 2017 edition centered their approach around users and usages, by genuinely integrating the human factor into the design but also into the building management phase. In 2017, that human factor was a recurring theme for the juries, who made it one of their ultimate criteria in their choices between extremely performantbuildings. 

Exceptional visibility across the globe: 1.5 million of views in 2017

Couverture brochure Green Solutions Awards 2017 ENWith a broad communication plan offline and online, the competition, its candidates, its sponsors and partners will benefit from a massive media cover on the 12 Construction21 platforms, onsocial media and during specific events.

National ceremonies will be held in September to reward national champions and finalists, before the international winners gala during COP24 in December. These events will offer an invaluable platform for national and international winners. Some projects will also be presented at partner fairs in 2018 (Passi’batIntermatPollutec and Bepositive).

This visibility will be reinforced by the relays provided by the 70 media partners of the contest: professional magazines, fairs or associations, inviting their readers and members to enter the competition. Every year, their supportcontributesto enriching the contest with innovativeprojects and to put them under the spotlights.

Every winner will be offered their own video featuring their realisation. Easy to share, they will be broadly disseminated on the web and on social media. A dedicated brochure will also be published in 4 languages to highlight the winning projects.

This whole dispositive, improved every year, generated more than 1.5 million views in 2017, confirming the growing impact of the Green Solutions Awards and their role in disseminating innovation of the construction sector.

The 2017 edition in figures

Main steps of the Awards 2018

Publish your case study on Construction21.org before June 8th to participate

Any building, district or infrastructure featuring sustainable solutions (materials, systems, processes, approaches) and contributing to the fight against climate change can be submitted. The application is free. However, the submitted projects must have been delivered between January 1st, 2013 and June 30th, 2018 (or at least a first part for districts).

To apply, you only have to publish, on the Construction21 platform matching the location of the realisation, a case study in one of Construction21’s databases (Buildings, Districts, Infrastructures) before June 8th, 2018. Your case study will then be moderated and validated by the Construction21 team, for later translation and publication on the whole Construction21 network.

The competition welcomes projects from all over the globe: for countries without a Construction21 platform yet, case studies can be submitted directly on the international platform in English or in French.

12 prizes for a variety of climate solutions

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