Green Solution House is Commercial Building of the Year

On December 10, the building industry chose the hotel and conference centre, the Green Solution House, as the best commercial building in Denmark. The VELUX Group is a strategic partner of the knowledge and conference center representing a new build and climate renovation in one single facility.

Over the last three months, the panel of judges has reviewed the 15 projects nominated with a number of specific criteria in mind, such as architecture, choice of materials and special solutions. The excitement reached its climax when it was announced that Green Solution House, which is inspired by the Active House principles, won the award of Commercial Building of the Year in Denmark.

Combining various sustainable building solutions, it explores circular sustainability that is rooted in three sustainability strategies, with constant respect for local conditions and efficient use of resources. The building is certified to the standards of the German Sustainable Building Council (DGNB). The building design is based on the criteria of the Active House vision and inspired by the Cradle-to-Cradle life cycle concept.

In explaining their decision, the panel of nine were particularly impressed by the fact that Green Solution House serves several purposes. They mentioned the sustainable solutions and environment-friendly features with the same interest as the ambition to attract more out-of-season tourists to the island with a spectacular building that will appeal to conference arrangers.

The award and the words of praise were received with delight by a proud Trine Richter, Director of Green Solution House.

“I am genuinely thrilled to bits. For me, it is acknowledgement that we have created a building that is far from an ordinary building. The overriding objective of Green Solution House has been to build something out of the ordinary, and when the building sector says that that is what we’ve done, we have reached that objective. Naturally, we hope that this distinction will mean that even more people will want to organise a conference or meeting that is extra special. That’s what awards can do – they generate a degree of awareness that would be difficult to do by ourselves,"
enthuses Trine Richter, Director of Green Solution House

The VELUX Group has brought to the project its vision for sustainable buildings, based on the competence and broad experience gained from its demonstration house programme Model Home 2020 and the creation of Active House principles.

About Commecial Building pf the Year
Commercial Building of the Year is awarded by the building industry through the trade publications BygTek, Magasinet Byggeri and Mester&Svend. The formal presentation will be made at a special event at Green Solution House in Rønne on Thursday afternoon.

Green Solution House
Green Solution House is a sustainable hotel and conference centre in Rønne, the largest town on island of Bornholm in the Baltic Sea. It is a world-leading building that focuses on issues such as energy optimisation, recycling and ecology. It also serves as a demo building for sustainable and sophisticated technological solutions for the building sector. Green Solution House was created as a renovation and extension project of the former Hotel Ryttergården. It is also part of Bornholm’s branding project Bright Green Island, whose purpose is to make ”the sunshine island” self-sufficient in energy by 2025 at the latest.

Find out more about Green Solution House by browising the case study on Construction21.

Moderated by : Sylvain Bosquet

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