Grand Paris Express: "Construction potential of 40m to 45m sqm"

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Colliers International France has delivered the second part of its study Towards New Centralities, evaluating the impact of the Grand Paris Express project on corporate office location. It foresees a new tangential orientations, mainly benefiting the south of Greater Paris. It does not imply that all companies will leave the city centre but simply review their needs. Colliers International France Geomatics Consultant Benjamin Carrière and Research Director Laurence Bouard explain.

Business Immo: For this second part of your study on the Grand Paris Express, what did you use to quantify its impact on the region?

Benjamin Carrière: The question of the attractiveness of a territory is essential for a company that wants to retain and attract talent. Grand Paris Express will make it possible, among other things, to optimise the commuting time of working people at a time when new generations are massively favouring the use of public transport. But it will also make it possible to multiply synergies between regions that are currently poorly connected. To study this potential attractiveness, we used data available on the territory and compared the amenity offering - shops, economic specialisations, population characteristics, nature of jobs, etc. - available before and after the completion of the Grand Paris Express network. We focused (...) Continue reading


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