First net zero energy building certified in India under IGBC rating system

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Plant – 13 Annexe is a multiple use office and convention centre located in the Godrej campus at Vikhroli. Over the years, this building has demonstrated the highest standards of performance and has won many accolades including the ‘IGBC-EB Platinum Rating’ under the ‘Existing Building’ certification and the ‘BEE 5-Star Rating’ which further conforms the building to a ‘Minimum Energy Performance’. With the IGBC Net Zero Rating, the building has achieved a unique status of being self-sustainable by being fully powered by onsite and offsite renewable energy sources.


The process of certification covered all the dimensions of ‘Energy Performance’ and the ‘Renewable Energy Sources’. Demonstration of improvements in lighting, cooling, equipment efficiency and effective system control through BMS (Building Management System) added to the already stellar performance of the facility. It has resulted in a 30% reduction of energy w.r.t Energy Conservation Building Code Baseline.


There are a handful of Net Zero Buildings (about 7) listed in India, and Godrej is the first one to be a formally certified ‘Net Zero’ Building under the IGBC Rating System.

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