Find out about the Clean Energy for EU Islands Secretariat!

On 6 June 2018, Director General Dominique Ristori announced the creation of the Clean Energy for EU Islands Secretariat at the European Sustainable Energy Week in Brussels.
The announcement was made in the presence of the Members of Parliament of the Islands Commission, who had contributed to the setup of the Secretariat.

The European Commission has now launched the Clean Energy for EU Islands Initiative to support and strengthen the commitment 
to advance the transition on Europe’s islands. 

Islands to receive support for the clean energy transition

The Clean Energy for EU Islands Secretariat has launched a call for expression of interest by islands wishing to receive support on preparing their clean energy transition.

What is the call about?

The Clean Energy for EU Islands Secretariat will support island communities wishing to embark on the clean energy transition.

In a first phase, this support will be to help up to 26 communities write an Energy Transition Agenda for their island. An Energy Transition outlines the island community’s vision for the future of its energy system, concrete objectives and milestones, and what steps the island intends to take to realize them. 

Islands can apply for two levels of support:

1. Co-Authoring (up to 6 Pilot Islands)

2. Reviewing & Advising (up to 20 islands)

Find out more here

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